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Here is the latest (26/3/2020) we have from lenders regarding mortgage payment holidays for borrowers affected by COVID-19. Lenders from N to Z in the alphabet will be on a separate post.

Accord Mortgages
We can offer a variety of solutions, including payment holidays. We do need to make sure that any solution we offer is right for the individual customer’s circumstances. Due to extremely high call volumes we are only able to speak to the most vulnerable situations, and who cannot make their next mortgage payment. If you can make your next mortgage payment, please allow those who need emergency help to receive it. The number you’ll need to call us on is 0345 1200 872 (for residential) and 0345 848 0225 (Buy to Let). 

Aldermore Mortgages
We are offering customers the option to reduce or defer mortgages payments for up to 3 months. This means you can pay a lower payment or take a break from payments.  You’ll need to make up the payments later in your mortgage term and we’ll work with you to find the best way to do this. Some eligibility criteria will apply.

Our team are working hard to answer customer enquires as soon as possible, but we’re experiencing extremely high call volumes. Therefore, please email us at collections@aldermore.co.uk or mortgage.servicing@aldermore.co.uk To request a call back from one of our specialists via our request form. We’re currently prioritising those most in need and aim to get back to all customers within seven working days.

To save you time, please check the criteria below before calling us. At the moment, we’re only offering payment holidays if you have a residential mortgage (for your home), and if your income has been affected by the coronavirus situation. We currently looking at a way to help our buy-to-let customers in the short term. If you’re experiencing longer-term financial difficulties (including if you’re already in arrears), a repayment holiday might not be suitable for your needs.

If you don’t meet the criteria now, please keep checking this page as we’re constantly reviewing the best way we can support you. The quickest way to apply is to fill in our online form on our website. We’ll confirm by text message if your payment holiday request has been accepted within three to five working days. Thanks for bearing with us, and please don’t call after submitting your online form.

In accordance with government policy, Bluestone Mortgages will offer a payment holiday of up to three months for eligible customers who are affected by COVID-19, either directly or indirectly.

This accommodation is available from 19 March 2020 until 30 April 2020, at which time it will be reviewed.

Customers will also be able to continue to make regular or ad-hoc payments to their mortgage during the payment holiday, to allow them to lessen the impact of the increase to the mortgage balance if they are able to.

Bath Building Society
You can read about our existing mortgage payment holiday policy under the ‘manage your mortgage’ tab on our website.  However, we recognise these are unprecedented and difficult times. If you believe you have been impacted by Coronavirus and may have trouble meeting your monthly payments, please contact us as soon as possible on 01225 475719 to discuss if a payment holiday is a suitable option for you. You don’t need to fill out an application form; you will just need to confirm that your income has been either directly or indirectly impacted by coronavirus. We will not need proof of this. If you are a Buy-to-Let landlord, you will need to confirm that your tenant’s income has been impacted by COVID-19. We will not need proof of this. The Government has stated that landlords who are granted a payment holiday should pass on this relief to their tenants to ensure that they are supported during this time.

Towards the end of the payment holiday we will contact you to assess your circumstances and agree a manageable way for you repay the interest and make up the missed payments.

Birmingham Midshires Solutions
With immediate effect, customers whose income has been impacted by Covid-19 may be offered payment holidays for up to 3 months. This applies to all BM Solutions customers regardless of whether they have a Buy to Let mortgage or Residential mortgage.

We’re currently dealing with a much larger number of calls than usual. The quickest way for you to apply is online.

You can learn about payment holidays and how to apply online in our payment holidays section.

Coventry Building Society
For residential mortgages, the payment holiday will apply if you’re up to date on your payments, not in arrears, and you can confirm you’ve been affected – directly or indirectly – by Coronavirus. For buy-to-let mortgages, it’ll apply if you’re up to date with your payments, not in arrears and you can confirm your tenants are having difficulty in paying their rent due to Coronavirus.  If you’re not in arrears and ready to arrange an immediate payment holiday the quickest way to do this is by downloading and filling in our online mortgage payment holiday form which can be found on our website.  (Save locally before completing the form.  Alternatively, you can print and complete the form by hand, then scan and email it to us if you are having any issues.) Then simply email the completed form to mortgageholiday@thecoventry.co.uk 

Once you’ve done this, we’ll action it immediately and there is nothing more we need from you. If you’re already behind on your mortgage payments, please call us on 0800 121 8899. 

Esme Loans
We understand that SME’s are faced with uncertain and unprecedented times which is why we’re committed to making obtaining financing as simple as possible. If you’re an existing customer and would like to speak to us about how the current situation may be impacting your business please contact us at accountsteam@esmeloans.com

If you’re not an Esme customer and are looking for finance, we provide unsecured loans to businesses from £10,000* to £250,000 over a one to five-year repayment period with no set up costs or early repayment fees. Our online application takes just 10 minutes and once approved; money can be in your account within the hour.

Get your instant quote on our website to see how much your business could borrow without affecting your credit score. *From £25,500 for sole traders

Fleet Mortgages
Fleet are committed to supporting landlords experiencing payment difficulties on a case by case basis. If you’re concerned that you won’t be able to make your regular mortgage payment, due to the COVID-19 crisis or any other reason. To proceed, please download the form on our website, complete and return the document below to mortgageservices@fleetmortgages.co.uk 

You can also telephone us on 01252 916 800

Where possible your payment holiday will be effective from your next payment. However, if your payment is due within the next 5 working days your payment holiday will start the following month. We will write to you confirming your payment holiday within 5-working days of your request being received.

Foundation Home Loans
We understand that during the current environment you may have concerns over your mortgage payments. Please be assured that we will work with you to find the right solution for you during these difficult times. If you have any questions or concerns, please call us on 0344 770 8030. As you can image, we are experiencing high call volumes so please be patient. Alternatively, you can contact us by email at am@foundationhomeloans.co.uk 

As the impact of coronavirus is felt across the UK, you may be worried about how it could affect you and your home. Your peace of mind is still our top priority, so we’ve created some extra ways to hel, if you need it. If the coronavirus has affected your income, you may wish to take a mortgage payment holiday. You can ask to take a break of up to a maximum of three months. You can apply for a payment holiday by submitting our online request form on our website. We will then respond back within 2-3 working days via text message to confirm if your payment holiday request has been accepted. If you don’t qualify for a payment holiday but are worried about making your mortgage payments, then please call us on 0345 850 3705. 

Hinckley and Rugby Building Society
We recognise that these are unprecedented and difficult times for customers. Therefore we are offering customers who are up to date with their mortgage payments and impacted by COVID-19 the ability to self-certify if they need help. Should the customer wish, we could conduct a full assessment of their finances. It’s therefore important that customers who believe they may be impacted by COVID-19, either directly or indirectly, contact their lender at the earliest possible opportunity to discuss if the payment holiday is a suitable option for them. You can also apply for a mortgage payment break through our online form on our website. 

Interbay Commercial
We are acutely aware that some of our mortgage borrowers are facing difficulty during this period and our teams are busy assisting affected with COVID-19 with payment holiday of up to three months or other methods of restructuring. To assist us in helping those customers who need our urgent support, we’re asking that only customers who know they are going to miss their next monthly repayment to contact us by emailing recoveries@interbayuk.com and include their name, contact number, a brief description of their enquiry and their mortgage account number but no other personal data. Our team will then contact them as soon as they can to discuss their payment options including a three-month mortgage payment holiday. In the meantime, customers should be assured that in line with current guidance, their credit rating will remain unaffected. If our mortgages clients are facing difficulty, we encourage them to get in touch as soon as possible. We will work with customers on an individual basis to assess what help is available and to assist in managing their finances. We will continue to follow government advice and will be regularly reviewing our policies to ensure we’re offering the best support we can for our broker partners and their customers, so please continue to visit this page for further updates.

Kent Reliance
Kent Reliance is offering support to customers that are experiencing issues with their finances as a result of COVID-19, with a payment holiday of up to three months. Please contact us by emailing recoveries@krbs.com to discuss the options available to you.

We‘ll continue to follow government advice and will be regularly reviewing our policies to ensure we’re offering the best support for our customers, so please continue to visit this page for further updates.

Kensington Mortgages
If you are currently up to date with your mortgage payments, you or your family are affected by Covid-19 and you’re struggling to pay your mortgage, then a payment holiday or other appropriate option will be made available to you; however, it is important that you speak to our team and formally agree the best option for you. As you can probably imagine we are experiencing extremely high call volumes, with wait times sometimes in excess of 60 minutes. We’re available to help all our customers and our team are doing their best under difficult circumstances, but we need to be able to speak to those in the most vulnerable situations first, so we would ask you to think about how urgent your call is before making it.  

If you are concerned about making your mortgage payments during this time you should contact us as soon as possible. You will not need to complete an application; you will just need to self-certify that your income has been either directly or indirectly impacted by Covid-19. You will need to self-certify that your tenant’s income has been impacted by Covid-19. Landlords are expected to pass on this relief to their tenants to ensure that they are supported during the Coronavirus crisis. The commencement date for the deferred period will be agreed on a case by case basis.

Leeds Building Society
At Leeds Building Society, we already have a number of options available which can help anyone experiencing financial difficulties. For those members who are worried or may now struggle to meet mortgage payments because of coronavirus, we’ve made some changes. 

Arrears fees waived: to make things a little easier, we’ve waived any arrears fees until the end of May. Repossessions suspended: in addition, and for extra peace of mind, we won’t seek possession of any properties during this period. Mortgage payment holidays: We’ll continue to offer mortgage payment holidays over the coming weeks and months. We’re also working hard to develop an online application, and further information will be available on our website soon. We understand that this is an incredibly challenging time for our customers and ask for your patience. We’re dealing with extremely high numbers of calls and need to ensure we’re prioritising the customers who need our help the most. Should you need to register, here’s when to do so:

  • If your next payment is due on 25th, 26th or 27th March, it is too late to register a payment holiday for this month, but you can still register for your April payment from Monday 6th April.
  • Today is the last date to process payments due on 28th March and it is important that you phone us and speak to us today.
  • If your next payment is due between 1st and 5th April, it is important that you phone us today to register your request.
  • If your next payment is due after 5th April, you will be able to register your request from Monday 30th March.

We’ll continue to update this web page with information on mortgage payment holidays and how to apply. Before you get in touch, just check which of the following applies to you:

  • If you’re up to date with payments (or less than 1 month in arrears), please contact our dedicated Mortgage Payment Holiday Support team on 0800 072 8738.
  • If you are already one month or more in arrears with your mortgage payments, payment holidays and other options are still available to help you. Please call our Mortgage Support team on 0800 072 9739 to find out more.

Lines are open Monday to Friday 9am until 5pm, and Saturdays 9am until 2pm (Mortgage Support Team until 12.30pm).

Mansfield Building Society
We understand that Coronavirus (COVID-19) is creating challenging times and that you may be concerned about making your mortgage repayments. To support mortgage borrowers, whether they are impacted directly or indirectly by Coronavirus, Mansfield Building Society will consider offering a payment holiday for up to 3 months to those individuals who are up to date with their mortgage payments and are experiencing issues with their finances as a result of Coronavirus. Please be assured that we are here to support you during these uncertain times however as you will appreciate, we are experiencing a high level of phone calls and demand for the Mortgage Payment Holiday facility. In the first instance, please refer to the Mortgage Payment Holiday Request Form on our website. We will require this form to be completed by all borrowers and returned via email to mortgages@mansfieldbs.co.uk

This may not be the right solution for you and so any member who is concerned about their current financial situation should get in touch with us at the earliest possible opportunity to discuss what options may be suitable for them. The Society’s friendly and experienced staff will look to understand each customer’s individual circumstances on a case by case basis to help you reach the most appropriate solution. Please e-mail to mortgages@mansfieldbs.co.uk or alternatively contact us on 0800 092 8564 or 01623 676340 for advice or support.

Marsden Building Society
We are committed to supporting our members through this difficult time so if you think you’ll have difficulties making your monthly mortgage payments because of the impacts of Coronavirus, we can help by offering a concession on your monthly payments based on your circumstances. A concession is a short-term reduction in your monthly payments, sometimes referred to as a payment holiday. We are able to offer a concession of up to three months depending on your circumstances.

You can apply for a concession if:

  • Your household finances have been affected by measures put in place due to coronavirus, for example a reduction in working hours, temporary closure of firms, self-isolation due to having symptoms of the virus or caring for someone with symptoms
  • You have consent from everyone named on the mortgage

It is important to note that a concession is a temporary reduction in your normal monthly payments, and the amount owed will still need to be repaid and attract interest until it is repaid. This means that unless you come to an arrangement to repay the concession, your mortgage payments will be recalculated when your concessions ends, meaning your monthly payments may increase. In this case, the total amount of interest you pay over your mortgage term will increase.

Please contact us on 01282 440500* and we will discuss your individual needs and see what we can do to help.

Market Harborough Building Society 

Our Mortgage Specialists are on hand to offer assistance during this difficult period. Please contact us using the details below: 

Email: mortgagesupport@mhbs.co.uk (please don’t send sensitive information such as your account number by email)

Alternatively, call a phone number from below. If the line is busy, please try an alternative number.

01858 412251 (9am – 5pm Mon – Fri)
01858 412513 (9am – 5pm Wed and 2pm – 5pm Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri)
01858 412505 (9am – 5pm Tues – Fri)
01858 412501 (9am – 5pm Mon – Fri)
01858 412508 (9am – 5pm Mon – Fri)
01858 412516 (9am – 3pm Mon – Fri)

For general information about facing difficulty paying your mortgage, please visit our Payment difficulties page on our website. For more information about contacting us at the current time, visit our COVID-19 update page on our website.

The Melton Mowbray Building Society
We understand that some customers may be worried about the effect that contracting the Coronavirus (COVID-19) could have on their finances, for example due to a drop-in income as a result of contracting the virus or because of the measures imposed to stop it spreading. If you have any concerns about how this could affect you and your mortgage, please get in touch on 01664 414141.