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Equity Release & Lifetime Mortgages

Freeing up the capital locked in your home is a great way to help your family, make home improvements, gift an early inheritance or simply enjoy your retirement with more disposable income.   

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Equity Release has changed and matured in recent years, and potentially offers a really good route for you to access the wealth tied up in your home, without having to move. Although not all property is acceptable for Equity Release lending, thatched roofs, large acreage or close proximity to commercial property may restrict your options.

It’s a flexible product with some plans now offering you the option to downsize and repay the equity release plan in full in the future.

Equity release is linked your age and property, not your income, and is only available to the over-55s. If you prefer, you can work your way towards it in three steps:

  • Keep your standard mortgage until you’re 75
  • Change to a retirement interest only mortgage (RIO)
  • Equity release – only if you need it

Our friendly team of qualified equity release experts will help you through the process and discuss the best options available to you. We prefer to meet you face to face so we can get to know about you and your aims for the released capital so we can give you informed advice.

If equity release is something you’ve considered but you’re not sure how to proceed, we’ll be happy to guide you through.

This is a lifetime mortgage secured against your home. We do not advise on Home Reversions Plans. To understand the features and risks please ask for a personalised illustration. A lifetime mortgage may impact your entitlement to means-tested benefits and the inheritance you may leave.

Call our team on 01404 813050 to discuss your options

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