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Here is the latest (26/3/2020) we have from lenders regarding mortgage payment holidays for borrowers affected by COVID-19. Lenders from A to M in the alphabet are on a separate post.

You can apply for a mortgage payment holiday if: Your finances have been affected by Coronavirus. You’re up-to-date with your monthly mortgage payments (if you’re already behind on your mortgage payments, our Money Worries page can help on our website). You have consent from everyone named on the mortgage. It’s important to remember that a mortgage holiday is a temporary break from your mortgage payments, to help you through these uncertain times. Where we can, we’ll start your payment holiday from your next payment. However, if your next payment is due in the next few days, your payment holiday may start the following month. You will need to complete the mortgage payment holiday form on our website. We’ll confirm the details when we write to you confirming your payment holiday. We’ll aim to get back to you and confirm within 5-7 working days from when you submit your payment holiday application. But, due to high volumes of applications right now, it might take slightly longer. Please bear with us. Submitting one form will cover both mortgage holders if you have a joint mortgage, or all mortgages in your name if you have more than one mortgage.

The quickest way to apply for a mortgage repayment holiday is to complete our online form that can be found on our website. Before you submit the form, please make sure all the information is correct. If not this will cause a delay in dealing with your payment holiday request.

Once you have submitted the form we will review your request and within 5 days we will email you to confirm when your payment holiday will take effect. We will include a projection of what your mortgage payments will be after the holiday period ends. Please note if you have a payment due in the next 14 days, we may not be able to amend this payment, we will confirm this in the email.

Here are some things to consider before applying for a payment holiday:

  • At the end of the holiday your monthly payments will be recalculated, and you will see an increase in your monthly payments.  We’ll give you an estimate of what that will be before setting up your break
  • The total amount of interest you pay over the term of the mortgage will increase.

The Nottingham
If you’ve been affected by Coronavirus, due to illness, self-isolation or any other factor, and are worried about future payments, there are ways we can help. Here are some of the support options available for mortgage customers;

  • Change the way you make your payments, or the date you pay them on
  • Agree on reduced payments for a period
  • Arrange a new payment plan to help you through this difficult period
  • Look to increase your mortgage term to a longer period of time (reducing your monthly payments).

If you are experiencing serious financial difficulty because of coronavirus, our customer support team will go through your individual circumstances and discuss the best options to help. It may be that includes the above measures or alternatively, a mortgage holiday of up to three months, as outlined in the Chancellor’s statement on 17th March 2020. Where possible, we’ll start the payment holiday from your next instalment. However, if your payment is due in the next few days, it may start from the following month. If you want to apply for a payment holiday please send an email to paymentholiday@thenottingham.com 

Our teams are working hard supporting our members and we will respond as soon as we can but due to high volumes this could be a few days.

Paragon is committed to supporting its customers and implementing the Government’s request to offer three-month payment holidays. If you are interested in a payment holiday, please email us at btlcs@paragonbank.co.uk with the subject header ‘Payment Holiday’, along with your full name, home address and contact number. We will contact you when we have confirmed full details.

Payment holidays are just one of the options available and we would discuss your specific situation with you to find the most appropriate solution.

Pepper Money
In these exceptional circumstances we will take a flexible approach and determine how best to help you. It is therefore necessary that we understand the cause of the actual or anticipated financial difficulty and we will discuss this with you. We’re offering a number of ways to support customers who have been financially affected by the coronavirus. All options will be considered, and a Payment Holiday will be offered, if it is the most appropriate solution for your individual circumstances. We recognise that these are unprecedented and difficult times and we are here to help. If you are thinking about the need to take a 3-month payment holiday we would encourage you to get in touch with us as soon as possible to discuss if this is the best option for you. Please use the following email address to contact us customerservice@pepper.money

Platform (Co-op)
We know that a lot of our customers may be affected either directly or indirectly by the recent events relating to coronavirus. We are here to help and support you. One of the ways we are helping is to offer customers impacted by coronavirus a mortgage payment holiday for up to 3 months. Before applying, please make sure you’ve read and understood the information available on our website. Then, please send us an email listing the following information:

Postcode and house number
Length of payment holiday (up to 3 months)
Loss of employment
Self-employed – business impact
Reduced hours
Illness/Self Isolating
Child care reasons

Please do not include any additional personal information. We only need the information listed above.

If you have a Co-operative Bank or Britannia mortgage, please email.

If you have a Platform, Mortgage Agency Services or Verso mortgage, please email.

We will aim to respond as soon as possible. We’re currently experiencing a high volume of applications, so please bear with us.

You don’t need to provide evidence of financial difficulties.

If you hold your mortgage jointly with another person, we only need instruction from one of you.

Once we have agreed your payment holiday, we’ll write to you to confirm the arrangements.

We understand that you may have concerns about how your finances will be affected at this time. We’re committed to trying to support our customers in any way we can. We have a number of options available to you, including a payment holiday of up to three months on your mortgage which may help provide you with some flexibility. Please be assured that any payment holidays taken will not affect your credit profile. If you’re worried about meeting your mortgage payments, please do get in touch as soon as possible. We are currently experiencing a significant increase in call volumes. If you’re having difficulties getting through to us, please email the team at collectionsenquiries@ precisemortgages.co.uk, providing a brief summary of your request and your account number and we’ll reply by email as soon as we can. Unfortunately, we’re unable to make any changes in time for April payments due on the 1st of the month.

We appreciate you might be concerned about the impact of coronavirus and want to reassure you that we’re here to help with any worries you might have about your savings and mortgages with us. We want to be as flexible as we can be in helping our Members and colleagues through these challenging times. We have a range of options that may be available to you, these include:

  • Mortgage payment holidays
  • Accessing funds in fixed bonds / withdrawal limited accounts 
  • Exploring alternative options with you

Our Customer Service Team are experiencing very high call volumes due to the impact and we appreciate your patience at this time. We are keen to prioritise providing support to those customers who have an immediate need. For those customers who are already in arrears, some options may not be available to you however please call us if your situation has changed since you last engaged with our support teams. Customers should be aware that any payment holiday may mean that the total paid over the life of the mortgage may be more than originally stated.

All you need to do is go to our website and submit your request with our mortgage payment holiday form. Buy-to-let borrowers will also be eligible for a payment holiday of up to three months if their tenants have lost income due to the impact of coronavirus. In those circumstances, we would expect landlords to pass on the benefit of the payment holiday to their tenant.

If you’re worried about how your mortgage payments may be affected by COVID-19 in the future, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

Redwood Bank
At Redwood Bank, we understand that these are uncertain times and want to assure you that looking after our customers, colleagues and business partners is our number one priority.

We are monitoring the rapidly-changing situation of COVID-19, the illness caused by coronavirus, and adhering to Public Health England and Government guidance.

The Bank’s robust systems and processes will continue to enable service continuity with no disruption to our customers. In this ever-evolving situation, should you have any questions or concerns and wish to speak with a member of the team please call us on 0330 053 6067, or you can email us at hello@redwoodbank.co.uk

Saffron Building Society
We are offering our mortgage customers a repayment review, on a case-by-case basis, to those who have been directly affected by Coronavirus.

If you have a mortgage with us and have been directly affected by Coronavirus and could potentially find yourself in financial difficulty, we encourage you to contact us as and we will offer as much support as we can and provide payment relief where possible. You can contact us by calling 0800 072 1100 and selecting option 2 then 2.

If your mortgage is in arrears or you pay your mortgage by anything other than Direct Debit, you won’t be able to request a mortgage holiday using the online form. You can find more information on how to proceed within our FAQ on our website. We know the worry and concern coronavirus is causing and that everything feels very uncertain at the moment. As a result, we’re offering our customers some breathing space from having to make their mortgage payments. Be sure a payment holiday is for you, if you take a mortgage payment holiday you won’t make mortgage payments for up to 3 months. Anything you don’t pay will be added on to your mortgage balance. This means your mortgage balance and your monthly payment will increase and be recalculated over the rest of your term. There’s no fee for taking a mortgage payment holiday and it won’t have a negative effect on your credit score. As an example, for a capital repayment mortgage of £100,000 over 25 years at Santander Standard Variable Rate of 4.49% interest, your monthly payment after a 3-month payment holiday will increase by £9.33. You can now complete the mortgage payment holiday form online on website. Head over www.mortgagesignup.santander.co.uk/onlinecredential/mortgage-holiday

Skipton Building Society
If you are concerned about making repayments on any residential or buy to let property as a result of the current situation, we’re here to support you. We’ve set up a dedicated email PaymentHolidayRequests@skipton.co.uk for customers to request a mortgage payment holiday of up to 3 months. Please ensure that you provide your mortgage account number and the best number for us to contact you on, if we need to. Once we’ve received your email, we’ll be in touch to either confirm your request or to discuss your individual circumstances further.

In the meantime, leave your Direct Debit in place if you have sufficient funds to cover your regular monthly payment. You can also make a payment by bank transfer using our bank details, which you can find on our website. First and foremost, we’re here to support you, but please remember our people are also affected by the current situation, so we thank you for your patience and understanding during this unprecedented time.

Stafford Railway Building Society
If you wish to make use of a mortgage payment holiday during this difficult time, you can either telephone us during our revised opening hours (Telephone 01785 223 212) or we can process your request from the following:

  • A letter/email quoting your name, address and mortgage account number
  • Briefly stating you are requesting a payment holiday and the reason why
  • Signed by all parties to the mortgage
  • We will accept a scanned image or photograph of the document (taken by camera phone)
  • Where possible, encrypt the message with a password (emailed separately) and send to mutual@srbs.co.uk

We will send correspondence confirming the request has been actioned and contact you in the month before your payment holiday will end, to discuss your circumstances.

The Mortgage Lender
We are dealing with a high number of calls at the moment. To help those most in need, we are asking that you only call us if you are having trouble making your next mortgage payment. We can discuss suitable options including a payment holiday on your mortgage, although this will result in you paying back more interest on your mortgage overall. The number to talk to us is 0344 257 0427.

The Mortgage Works
If you think you’ll struggle to make your monthly mortgage payments because of Coronavirus, we can help you by offering a 3-month payment holiday.

A mortgage payment holiday is a break from paying your mortgage. It won’t affect your credit rating, so there’s one less thing to worry about.

It’s important to remember that a mortgage holiday is a temporary break from your mortgage payments, to help you through these uncertain times.

There are a few things to consider before applying for a mortgage payment holiday, to make sure it’s right for your situation:

  • When your payments start again after the payment holiday, they’ll be recalculated and may increase, as a result of the previous payments due being added to your mortgage balance.
  • The total amount of interest you pay over the term of the mortgage will increase.

Where we can, we’ll start your payment holiday from your next payment. However, if your next payment is due in the next few days, your payment holiday may start the following month. We’ll confirm the details when we write to you confirming your payment holiday. This will be within 5-7 working days of you submitting your application.

To request a payment holiday, email us at SLPaymentholiday@nationwide.co.uk and include the following information: 

  • Name:
  • Mortgage account number:
  • Mortgaged property address:

We also need you to state the following: 

  • I confirm I am in financial difficulty.
  • I confirm I am affected by Coronavirus.
  • I confirm I understand when my payments start again, my mortgage payments and interest may increase.
  • I confirm I have consent from everyone named on the mortgage.   
  • I confirm I’m happy for TMW to reply to me by email.

If any of the information is incorrect or you don’t include the above statements, there will be a delay to your request. The information you provide will be held by The Mortgage Works. We’ll use it to process your request and help manage this account(s) and any services used. By continuing with your request, you confirm you’re happy with this and that you’ve had a chance to read How we use your information on our website.

Tipton & Coseley Building Society
We are offering our customers who are up to date with their mortgage payments and impacted by COVID 19 the ability to self-certify that they need help.  Under normal circumstances we would assess your finances and consider what forbearance options may be most suitable; we are waiving this process to enable a more straightforward and quick process to assist you. However, should you feel that an assessment of your finances would be beneficial to make sure that we are providing you with the right option we will do this with you as quickly as possible. A payment holiday allows for mortgage payments to be suspended for a specific period of time without any arrears accruing, for a period of up to 3 months. The interest that is due whilst the holiday is being taken will be debited to the account and therefore the outstanding balance will increase. In order to pay the increased outstanding balance, the normal monthly payment will be recalculated at the end of the holiday. 

Please, ensure you communicate and keep in touch with us if your situation changes. At the end of the payment holiday period your revised monthly payments will be expected to continue, and we will collect your direct debit as normal. We will tell you what the revised payment will be.

To apply for a payment holiday, please complete the form which can be found online on our website and send to mortgageenquiries@thetipton.co.uk Please note, an electronic signature is acceptable.

Together Money
If you’re concerned about making your mortgage payments with Together during this time you should contact us as soon as possible. You don’t need to provide any documentation right now; you just need to self-certify that your income has been either directly or indirectly impacted by COVID-19. If you’re a buy to let landlord, you’ll need to self-certify that your tenants income has been impacted by COVID-19. Landlords are expected to pass on this relief to their tenants to ensure that they’re supported during this uncertain time. We will look at your circumstances on a case by case basis and asses the best option available for you. Please call us on 01613 337415 and we will help where possible.

If you are able to maintain your mortgage payments, you should continue to do so. However, if you have been financially impacted by COVID19 and this is impacting your ability to meet your monthly mortgage payment, then you are able to request a payment holiday up to a maximum of 3 months as long as you are currently up to date with your mortgage repayments without any impact on your credit file. If you are currently in arrears, please contact our financial difficulty team on 0345 835 3374 (open 8am – 7.30pm weekdays and 8am – 12.30pm Saturday), who will be able to support you with alternative treatments. If you choose to take a payment holiday you will need to be aware that the interest usually charged within your monthly payments will be added to the balance of the mortgage. Your account will be re-calculated at the end of the instalment break and written confirmation will be sent out approximately 2 weeks before your payments are due to restart. The payment will be calculated at that time using your higher balance and spread throughout the remaining term. If you have elements of your mortgage account on interest only you need to be aware that these balances will increase to cover the amount of accrued interest that has been added due to the missed payments. For the interest only elements of your mortgage the recalculated monthly payments will continue to only pay off the interest and will not reduce your increased outstanding balance. It is important, therefore, to check regularly that your savings plan and other investment plan that you may have in place is on track to repay this mortgage at the end of its term.

By requesting a payment holiday, you are confirming:

  • You have been financially impacted by COVID19
  • You want to proceed with the payment holiday
  • You will be able to start to repay your mortgage once the payment holiday ends.

Your payment holiday will be agreed in writing subject to approval. If you still require assistance with your mortgage once the payment holiday ends, please contact us on 0345 835 3374 (open 8am – 7.30pm weekdays and 8am – 12.30pm Saturday). Although Payment Holidays can help in the short term, if you have a repayment mortgage at the time of the payment holiday the interest will continue to be added to your mortgage and the missed payments will need to be made up over the remainder of the mortgage term, meaning that your contractual monthly payment will increase.

Switching to a new mortgage deal is not permitted during a payment holiday. Remember, if you don’t keep your mortgage up to date, you could fall into arrears and ultimately lose your home.

If you think you would be eligible and would like to apply for a Payment Holiday, complete the online form that can be found on our website. We will respond to your request by email within 3 working days with our decision.

Vida Home Loans
Yes. If you may potentially experience payment difficulties due to COVID-19 and wish to discuss a payment holiday, please call our Mortgage Services team on 0344 892 0155 so that we can discuss and agree the best option for you. As you can appreciate, we are currently experiencing unprecedented levels of calls in relation to mortgage payment holidays and so we are doing everything we can to answer every query

Virgin Money
Please complete our online form if you are experiencing financial difficulties due to the current coronavirus situation, and would like to arrange a mortgage payment holiday. We’ll take a look at your request and come back to you over the next week to confirm when your mortgage payment holiday will start. Our contact centres are extremely busy at the moment, so completing this form to request a mortgage payment holiday is the fastest way for it to be put in place for you. If you have any questions on requesting a payment holiday from your mortgage, take a look at our frequently asked questions which can be found on our website.